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 Banned & Restricted List

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PostSubject: Banned & Restricted List   Banned & Restricted List EmptyFri Apr 24, 2009 2:32 am

---> No Canon characters.

---> No Rinnegan.

---> No Rasengan, Chidori or attempts to recreate these in a custom technique.

---> No Curse Seals.

---> No demons. This includes Bijuu, and other major or minor demons. We may work the Bijuu into the story line at a later date, but don't expect anything soon.

---> No Dragon summons.

---> No Senjutsu [Sage Mode//Sage Techniques].

---> No Flying Thunder God Technique.

---> No animal hybrids unless you have special permission.

---> Only the first four of the Eight Celestial Gates are available; Initial Gate [ Kaimon], Heal Gate [Kyuumon], Life Gate [Seimon], Harm Gate [Shoumon].

---> Mangekyou Sharingan is not available upon registration and even during role-play requires explicit permission from myself and restrictive conditions.

---> Human puppets are only available to ranks higher than Jounin // A Rank Missing-nin and restricted to a maximum of two.

---> Puppet limitations; Genin = 2 puppets, Chuunin = 4 puppets, Jounin = 6 puppets, Higher Ranks = 10 puppets.


Rules regarding the Kai [Release] technique
Rules regarding the Shunshin [Body Flicker] technique
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Banned & Restricted List
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