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 Jutsu Limits

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PostSubject: Jutsu Limits   Jutsu Limits EmptyFri Apr 24, 2009 2:46 am

Okay, so here we have guidelines to the number of jutsu each rank of ninja is allowed. This does not include basic academy jutsu. Remember that these are guidelines and exceptions to these rules may be made.

Number of Jutsu Allowed:

Genin // D Rank Missing-nin = 8 Jutsu, Maximum of 3 C Ranked.

C Rank Missing-nin = 12 Jutsu, Limit of 4 C Ranked and 1 B Ranked.

Chuunin // B Rank Missing-nin = 16 Jutsu, Limit of 5 B Ranked and 1 A Ranked.

Jounin // A Rank Missing-nin = 20 Jutsu, Limit of 5 A Ranked and 1 S Ranked.

Elite Jounin // Akatsuki // S Rank Missing-nin = 24 Jutsu, Limit of 7 A Ranked and 3 S Ranked.

Kage // Akatsuki Leader = 26 Jutsu, Limit of 10 A Ranked and 4 S Ranked.
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Jutsu Limits
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