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 Rules of Site Suggestions

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Rules of Site Suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Site Suggestions   Rules of Site Suggestions EmptyFri May 01, 2009 7:16 am

I noticed that there weren't any rules for this sub-forum, so I decided to post some. Though I believe that there should be few limits to the ability that citizens of a democracy can argue against their leaders, this is not a democracy. Therefor, we will have limitations. First off, I do not want to see posts "tlkin lik tis" because it is just plain annoying. I do not want to have to scroll through and decode your pile of rubbish that you may think is a valid complaint. Now, for those people who have something constructive to say, rules still do apply here. Profanity must be limited, I do not care how f***ing angry you are, I really don't care. Now, if you can stutter out a clear, coherent suggestion, maybe we will look at it and change the site. Disagree with the rules? Post a site suggestion.
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Rules of Site Suggestions
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