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 [Test One] Genin Exam [For Academy Students]

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[Test One] Genin Exam [For Academy Students] Empty
PostSubject: [Test One] Genin Exam [For Academy Students]   [Test One] Genin Exam [For Academy Students] EmptyFri May 01, 2009 7:22 am

The Teacher sat down at his desk, surveying the many Academy Students eager to become Genin now sat in front of him. He had it in his power to fail or pass any one of them. Smiling broadly at them, he said in his gruff, low voice "Welcome class, here are your tests. No talking, and if you fail to raise your hand before asking me a question you fail the test. Anyone unclear?". Without waiting for a response he made a gesture and a number of Chuunin stepped out from the shadows and started to pass each of the younglings the following test. [OOC: Complete this test OOC and PM it to your instructor. He will grade it, each question is worth 5. If you get 35 or above you pass, 34 or below you fail. Do not share the answers on the test, do not accept answers from others, and do not cheat in any way shape or form.]

❶ Explain, in your own words, Genjutsu and why it is useful.

❷ Explain, in your own words, Taijutsu and why it is useful.

❸ Explain, in your own words, Ninjutsu and why it is useful.

❹ Explain, in your own words, the fundamental use differences between a Kunai and a Shuriken.

❺ Based on the question above, write a summary of which you think is better. Include details about why.

❻ What is a Rogue ninja, and if you encounter one, what do you do?

❼ Define a Shinobi.

❽ Describe the difference between a Shadow clone and a normal one.

❾ If you were given the choice between saving your own life and that of a civilian, which one would you save and why?

❿ Describe the effects of alcohol on one's fighting style.

Good luck, all of you.

[Credit for this goes to Genesis. Thank you!

People To PM Your Answers To: ~Fox~, Genesis]
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[Test One] Genin Exam [For Academy Students]
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