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 Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin]

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PostSubject: Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin]   Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin] EmptySun May 10, 2009 1:45 am

General Information:

Username: Kachimasu
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Name: Kachimasu H. Hyuuga

Nickname // Alias: Kachi, Masu, Kachimasu.

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Weight: 140 lbs.

Height: 6'3

Appearance: Kiyoshi wears the typical Jounin clothing, not looking anywhere near extraordinary in the midst of meetings. His hair, too, is not extraordinary. That's all. Except for his eyes of course. The iris and pupil are barely discernable with both appearing a milky white in color. The pupil itself is larger than a typical humans and it is outlined by a black region. The sclera remains normal except the larger size of the pupil reduces ones ability to view it. Piccy - Avvy.

Personality: Kiyoshi is seen as a Carefree and laid back. He rarely shows any excitement towards his Daily life. His naturally calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle as it is easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand and ultimately notice everything around him. Through this, he can make keen and thought-out decisions allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents. Despite his nature in everyday life, he has shown to be a very responsible and dedicated person when it matters.

Clan Information

Only complete if relevant

Clan Name: Hyuuga Clan.

Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan.

Clan Symbol: Can't find one.

Clan History: The Hyuuga clan were one of the founding noble families of Leaf village. The clan itself is said to be the ancestors of the Uchiha clan who possess the bloodline of the Sharingan eye. Each clan member possess the "Byakugan" or "White Eye." When the "Byakugan" is activated, the clan member gains an extra-sensory perception, which gives them penetrating sight and telescopic vision. This allows them to see the internal chakra circulation system in other beings. This vision also grants the member a near 360 view of their surroundings. The higher the skill of the clan member, the further the distance from which they can sense incoming attacks. Unfortunately the vision does have a weakness, a small blindspot that extends outwards
from their upper back.

The clan uses this ability in conjunction with their own chakra creating the Juuken (gentle fist) fighting style. By focusing the chakra to their finger tips, they can press the tenketsu or chakra pressure points of their opponents body. When the finger nears the tenketsu the chakra is forced out, collasping the targetted tenketsu for a period of time. The tenketsu serve as the connectors and exit points for the chakra pathways. So when they are stopped by the Hyuuga clan member, the ninja greatly loses his or her ability to utilize their chakra for jutsu.

These great powers lead to internal strife within the family. Because the eye grants such a unique and powerful ability, the clan
became possessive and over-protective of it. Seeing only the main family as worthy users and inheritors of the eye, the heads of the clan began to place restrictions on those branch family members not in power. What resulted were two Hyuuga lines, the powerful main family who would represent the line, and the branch family who were directed to protect the main family and bear the cursed seal.

The cursed seal is placed on the foreheads of branch family members. It serves as a means to protect the secrets of the Hyuuga Byakugan eye. If the branch family member was to ever betray the main family or be killed in battle, the seal would be activated to destroy the body's secrets. Thus forcing the branch family to further bow to the will of the main family.

Rank Information:

Rank: Elite Jounin

Village: Leaf

Skill Information:

Specialty: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu.

Affinity: Wind, Fire.

Special Characteristics: ... Nothing.


Name: (The name of your technique. Please try to put its Japanese name and its English translation)
Rank: (The rank of your Jutsu).
Type: (What type of technique is it? Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, etc).
Element: (What, if any, is the technique's elemental configuration? Fire, Water, Wind, etc).
Description: (Provide a description of your technique, a minimum of three lines please).

Background Information // RP Sample:

History: Kachimasu was given birth to a caring, loving family in the Village of Leaf. He learned what it means to have devotion to what is important in life; people he cares for.

[b]Academy Arc. 4 - 9 years of Age.

At the age of One, Kachimasu Father took him into the Academy class room, to watch him teach. Kachi however didn't know a single word which was said throughout the class room. He was loved by the students, and was always commented of how cute he was. Kachimasu's Father, the current Kage of Leaf at the time continuously brought him to the Academy, and let Kachi sit on the desk in his little Shinobi clothing and watch his Father teacher. Three years had gone by, and Kachimasu was now Four years old. His father enrolled him in the Academy. This was a pretty young age for Kachimasu to be enrolled in the Academy, seeing as most of the Shinobi's waited to be at least 7 years of age to begin in the Academy. No one was bothered by it. Kachimasu wasn't the Demanding or commanding type. He didn't demand respect and command others just because he was the son of the Kage. He was nice and respectful to everyone in the Academy. He got this personality from his Parents, and everyone was glad he did. Kachimasu listened carefully to every word his Father said. He even took notes in class, which was ... rare and strange. This came in handy to Kachimasu, which brought about him being one of the top talented Shinobi in the Academy. At the Age of Nine, Kachimasu successfully passed the Genin exams. His Father was of course proud of him, so was his body and relatives. He settled down for a new Journey in life.

Genin Arc. 10 - 14 years of Age.

Kachimasu had a private Training with his Father for a year, after he became a Genin. He had began to mirror his Father's appearance. The hand some looks, eyes, structure of nose, face, and his Personality as well. He also mirrored a few of his Mother's personality. Kind, Good hearted, Loving, Caring and so forth. At the Age of 10, Kachimasu had already began to go on Missions. The D - ranked Missions of course. He earned little from the Missions he went on. It wasn't a surprise after all, since most of the missions involved retrieving lost pets. Actually, all the missions involved retrieving lost pets. This didn't bother Kachimasu at all. He viewed it as his first step of becoming a greater Shinobi just like his Father. A few months passed, and he was now Assigned a Sensei. It wasn't his Father, and this was a surprise to most people. The former kages children, were mostly trained by their parents, because they were seen as 'Special'. But that was different for Kachimasu, and the respect others had for him increased as well. Kachimasu always wondered what was outside the village of Leaf. But he was never allowed out, just like most shinobi's weren't because of the Dangers around. The outlaws, Criminals, and so forth. Kachimasu trained in Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu. He loved all the ways of fighting, and struggled hard to be talented in all of them as well. Now, at the age of Fourteen, Kachimasu was viewed as a man. He was mature, but still acted like a Child. He didn't want to be too mature for his age. At this age, he took the Chuunin exams. He passed the Exams as well! He was happy with himself, and everyone was as well. He settled for yet another Journey.

Chuunin Arc. 15 - 18

Now, Kachimasu was sent on both C and B ranked Missions. He was successful with the help of his team mates with the Missions. He went on his own, in an abandoned area located in Grass village to train for two whole years. The village missed him. They missed his personality, and love he brought to the Village. His parents missed him the most. But they knew he was doing something good with himself. After all, he was to be the Next Kage of the village, IF he accepted, that is. At 15, Kachimasu had already gotten his element test. It was Wind. Kachimasu was very happy with his element. He worked on his Charka Manipulation skills, and his Element, while on his Training. He had learned all the Basic Jutsus that needed to be learned. Including all Academy to Chuunin ranked Earth Jutsus. He also created a few techniques of his own. They were Outstanding. At Chuunin ranked, nothing seemed to happen much to Kachimasu. Wait, that was a lie. Kachimasu had grown taller, and now fully reflected his Father's Looks and Personality. At the age of 18, Kachimasu came back to the village. A lot had changed about his appearance, and Personality. He was now fully Matured. But still had his loving, caring, nice, humble, honest attitude. He was saddened by the news of Deaths in the village. Which were all caused by Old age. He couldn't do anything about those who died. But he however comforted those who had lost relatives. He was ready for the Jounin exams. There were many Talented Shinobi like him who were going into the Chuunin exams, and he was happy with that. He would need a lot of luck to pass the Exams, which he wished for. The Jounin exams began. Kachimasu won his first match, then his second. He tied his last match with a Shinobi
around his age. He gave his all in his last match. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to beat his opponent. He passed with flying colors, and
so did most of the Participants. He was now a Jounin. He gained new responsibilities.

Jounin Arc. 18 - 24

Kachimasu was now a Jounin, and was sent on Higher Missions. Which he could've died in, but survived. It was as if he was made up of Luck itself. His Father's death saddened him deeply ... His mother died a few weeks after as well. He just couldn't stand it, his loved ones were passing out one after another. He was back on his feet after a month. He realized no one was on the Earth to live forever. They eventually had to die. He had now gained one more element; Fire. He trained with his newly found element, learning all the techniques it had, and putting them to good use. He was now Twenty four. He had learned all the Techniques he needed to.

RP Sample: Kiyoshi stood before Night. Not having any Determination, nor any facial expression. But his eyes were cold. They held threat, sorrow, pain, and blood lust. Kiyoshi had a pale skin, and white hair. He was fourteen, a male of course, 5'1 tall. Which was short for his age. His Village head band, which had the symbol of the village of blades was wrapped around his forehead. Which meant he was from the village of blades. He wore the normal Shinobi cloth, and nothing else. The only weapon he held was in his weapon pouch, which was strapped to his right thigh. It held his Kunais, Shurikens and Explosion tags. He just peered at the Shinobi who stood before him. The golden rays of the sun reflected of the steel part of his Head band. It would temporarily blind night if night kept on looking at Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi already had the upper hand of the battle then. He didn't react to the Shinobi's attempt to Provoke him. Kiyoshi wasn't easily provoked.

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PostSubject: Re: Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin]   Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin] EmptySun May 10, 2009 2:46 am

- Hm, firstly, you're not allowed three elements.
- Remove the, "Look like Kakashi" thing, and actually describe the jounin uniform, his casual clothing, and his hair style, etc. Add a bit more to appearance. You don't have an avatar, either.
- Not adding Jutsus? Well, to start you off, you're probably getting all the jutsus on this page: As, none of the Hyuuga Members were over Jounin.
- Finally, add some jutsus of whatever two elements you're choosing, although, it's all up to you. You can learn them later, if you want.
- And you'll need to rewrite the whole Jounin Arc. part, as you can only choose two elements.

Btw, the latter part of the history was good. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin]   Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin] EmptySun May 10, 2009 3:03 am

Edited. I have all the Hyuuga clan jutsus. That's all.
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PostSubject: Re: Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin]   Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin] EmptySun May 10, 2009 3:48 am

You still need to put the jutsu into the template and attach them to your application, just for administrative purposes. You will need to rank each technique too, though most sites will give you "-" for rank. I have a compiled list of what rank the clan techs are, so if you post which you own I'll let you know what rank each should be.


~Fox. [Amaya, Yukiko.]
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Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin]   Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin] Empty

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Kachimasu H. Hyuuga [Elite Jounin]
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