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 Sieg Hyuuga - Elite Jounin - Working

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Sieg Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Sieg Hyuuga - Elite Jounin - Working   Sieg Hyuuga - Elite Jounin - Working EmptyWed May 13, 2009 12:34 am

General Information:

Username: Sieg Hyuuga
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Name: Sieg Hyuuga

Nickname // Alias: Sora - (Sky)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Weight: 69 kilos (Im portuguese, I canīt work with Lbs measurements)

Height: 5"3

Sieg Hyuuga - Elite Jounin - Working Chaos-10
Sieg has got has got red spiked hair.His true color of hair when he was born was black but during the years he changed his color to Red, but then to stay this normal color of Red that he loves, he dyes his hair each week.He has got blue eyes, but they fade into other tones of blue shade's basing with the weather conditions.He has got a jacket with spikes as shoulder-protectors.He has got red gloves and black jeans.His sword has got the silver hilt and then a lion head is marked on the hilt showing Sieg courage.The sword itself has a sharp blade.

Personality: Sieg...

Clan Information

Only complete if relevant

Clan Name: (What is your clan's name).

Kekkei Genkai: (If your clan has a bloodline ability, detail it here).

Clan Symbol: (If your clan has a symbol insert a picture here).

Clan History: (Detail your clan's history here).

Rank Information:

Rank: Elite Jounin

Village: Leaf

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty:
Main- Tai
Sub- Nin

Elemental Affinity:
Main- Wind
Sub- Fire

Special Characteristics: Byakugan


Name: (The name of your technique. Please try to put its Japanese name and its English translation)
Rank: (The rank of your Jutsu).
Type: (What type of technique is it? Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, etc).
Element: (What, if any, is the technique's elemental configuration? Fire, Water, Wind, etc).
Description: (Provide a description of your technique, a minimum of three lines please).

Background Information // RP Sample:

History: (Put your character's history here. Please format it so we - the staff - can read it. An absolute minimum of two to three paragraphs please).

RP Sample:
-From Shinobi Wars-
Izzy smirked and looked at Shikashi.He had an arrogant face, like if he tough himself as the God that could win to all.He may be a Akatsuki and had alot experience, but Izzy's techniques was something he was about to find out about. "I suggest you run back to Konoha.... Best not lose a Sannin now."He heard him saying this, what is he thinking?He's the best?Izzy laghed a little at the comment of Shikashi. "Or..... You can tell me what kind of flowers you want at your memorial service."He sighed and decided to reply to the idiotic man standing there.

The wind blew through the field.A field filled with tree's, flowers, everything a natural Florest would have, but since,this was a battle field it also included ninjas. "I want...Red roses, In honor to the blood that my oponents lost..."And by that end of line he looked directly into his eyes with an evil glare. "Should we take this battle somewhere?"He asked looking directly into his eyes mantaing the evil glare.

For Izzy that was just a, well a battle that was soon to happen, yeah, funny and not funny.This battle could also mean the end of his life but that didnīt cared for Izzy.He sweared that he would give his life for Leaf.He helped build territory on Leaf and by that Izzy had become a Sannin.He sighed and looked up, yawning and looking again at him, sudden with red blood eyes directly at the Nara standing in front of him.His eyes showed hatred and peace at the same time, Izzy never meant the pain that he caused.He used a speed at a Sannin Level at max and for sure appeared right in front of Shikashi in less then 3 seconds.He looked into his face and brough his fist back.In the minut he stoped the travell he brough the fist forward and tryed to punch him with all the strenghts he had.
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Sieg Hyuuga - Elite Jounin - Working
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