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 Some Of Zaxchi's Jutsu

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Some Of Zaxchi's Jutsu Empty
PostSubject: Some Of Zaxchi's Jutsu   Some Of Zaxchi's Jutsu EmptyThu Jun 11, 2009 11:27 am

Here are Zaxchi's jutsu list only he can use it or the people he trains them too.

Name: Raikyuu - Lightning Ball
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Lightning
Description: Raikyuu is a ninjutsu techinque which utilizing the Raiton element.The easiest way to excute the techinque is for the user to put there hands in the air and gather lightning chakra slightly above the users hands.When the user has used to jutsu many times they can gather the lightning ball in anyway seems easiest to them.The next step is either to get close to the opponet and unleash the chakra in their face or throw the lightning ball at the opponet from a long distance and when the lightning ball is close enough it will explode with lightning energy.The flaws to this techinque is that it can't be used more than a max of two times a day unless the user is a Hokage or a person with a same rank as Hokage which can use it 4 times a day or elite Jounin or the same of that rank which can use it three times a day.The second flaw is that if the user doesn't do the step right or forces heaps more chakra needed into the attack then it will either explode when the user does this or if the user succeds with this their hand will hurt and be injured for an amount of time.

Name: Aoiro Katon Shuunha - Blue Fire Wave
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
Description: Aoiro Katon Shuunha is a ninjutsu techinque utilizing the Katon element.The user puts both their hands infront of themself and gathers fire charka.A blue flame appears in the users hands as the user gets ready to fire the techinque.The user realises a blue fire wave that is sent hurling for the opponet, the blue flame will follow the users movements but requires more chakra.Another way to excute the techinque is too use one hand and gather the chakra the thrust users hand foward firing the attack quickier.This jutsu doesn't require any hand signs but needs focus.

Name: Oodama Raiton - Big Ball Of Lightning
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Lightning
Description: Oodama Rai is a ninjutsu techinque utilizing the Raiton element.The user creates a clone to assit with this jutsu.The user puts his hand beside his side and opens his palm moving his/shes hand outer more as the clone puts his/her hands slightly above the originals hands as the clone and the original start gathering lightning chakra in a big ball form.Once this is complete the clone moves their hands on the back of the perfectly big ball of lightning to support it.The user and clone runs at the enemy, the attack makes a strong bird chirping noise as they ran.When the user is close the clone and the original thrusts the palm there using to support the big ball of lightning which realises a massive burst of lightning energy.A flaw of this techinque is that it can be countered quite easily without sharingan or fire this as a suprize attack.
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Some Of Zaxchi's Jutsu
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