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 Daimyo and the Twelve Elite Guardians Etc.

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Daimyo and the Twelve Elite Guardians Etc. Empty
PostSubject: Daimyo and the Twelve Elite Guardians Etc.   Daimyo and the Twelve Elite Guardians Etc. EmptyMon Jun 15, 2009 7:08 am

There really should be a Daimyo and the Twelve Elite Guardians they are:

The Twelve Elite Guardians are specially trained individuals whose duty is to protect the Fire Country Daimyou. The members are identified by the "Fire" character marked on their loincloths.

And everybody's making their apps Jounin up i think we should have a little R.P test to see if you can get Jounin above should be a Hokage because when a genin arrives who's going to assign teams.

We should have to pay Ryo and stuff like if you kill a Akatsuki member you get lots of Ryo because of the bounty We need some active Mods only active Mod i know of is genesis and Fox the others haven't been on for like 3 weeks.

Make like a store where you can buy healing items and please add a graveyard/funeral area

Could you please make a bingo book in sections like Akatsuki S-rank missing Etc. Oh and it would be better if you put the better Rpers at the top and worser Rpers at the bottom and thats it for this time.
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Daimyo and the Twelve Elite Guardians Etc.
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